System Partners

We work with world class suppliers on a local + global level to deliver transparent solutions that meet product sustainability goals.


The Recover Upcycled Textile System turns textile waste into valuable new yarns for many life-cycles.

Recover® Process


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Polylana® yarn is being developed to reduce acrylic fiber consumption in the fashion industry. Many reports confirm that acrylic is one of the worst performing fabrics in terms of Life Cycle Assessments. Polylana® is made from a patent pending process using mainly recycled polyester, developed in an ongoing process to achieve the lowest-impact yarn possible.

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ITC Awareness

The ITC Awareness Collection offers certified recycled and organic solutions that greatly reduce the environmental impact of fashion accessory products.

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Enviro Fabrics

With a focus on using certified raw materials, and finishing with the lowest environmental impact possible, Laguna prides itself on offering the most comprehensive range of earth-friendly knit materials available. Milled at their vertically manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, CA.

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